About me

The professional architecture and design studio massimo pelliccioni "10 viale glorioso" has the objective  of adequately meeting the needs of public and private clients, guaranteeing high quality and offering guided solutions, both creative and functional, in architecture and design. The structure's technical manager is architect Massimo Pelliccioni, who relies on the collaboration of a creative team and specialists in various fields, so as to guarantee services for a complete and qualified design that meets all your needs. The Studio has carried out a number of different projects in diversified contexts in relation to a building, a location, an area, a product or an object, specializing  in residential and commercial renovation, in particular of bars and restaurants, in residential and museum architecture, in setting up display areas and merchandising, in reinforcement and renovation of public and private buildings, in reclamation oand improvement of public areas and, through the use of urban fittings and equipped green areas.Our professional service can be personalized and adapted to all circumstances and locations, accomplishing with inventiveness and creativity every project required, in a short time. Our philosopy is to totally engage the client in the process of designing ideas, through a real open dialogue, paying special attention to our clents' habits, requirements, lifestyle and psychology. The  projects and final product, from the initial sketches to the final rendering to the executive project and management of work on the site, arise from the sinergy and comparison between your precise objectives that you want to achieve and our vaste experience, within a costant creative and technical process.

The structure's main areas of operativeness are:


Architectural design  and construction management of housing, museums, barracks, sports centers, hostel and accomodation facilities, industrial buildings and studies for property renovation projects and building preservation and restoration. Architectural design and construction management  of publics areas such as squares, roads, parks, gardens, recreational ares with interventions of urban fittings and equipped green areas.


Design and construction management of structures made of  reinforced concrete and pre-stressed reinforced concret, reinforced brickwork, steel, glued laminated  timber, consolidation and renovation. Planning and construction management  of static renewal, conservation and anti-seismic adaptation of public and private buildings, buildings of artistic and historical value and infrastructure.


Design and construction management of airport runways, aprons and pathways. Design and construction management of railroad layouts, roads and artworks (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, underpasses, overpasses). Design and construction management of drainage systems.


Studies on land's nature and stability, geological-geotechnical studies, planning of strengthening interventions; assessment of environmental impact, studies of landscape integration. Projects  for land conservation and redevelopment.


Coordination during design and management of work safety on construction sites under D. Lgs. 81/08.


Outfitting and construction management  for exhibition and office areas, exhibits, exhibition stands, conventions, meetings, exhibitions and events in general. Museographic design and lighting for interior and exterior. Design and production of areas in constant comparison with contemporary art.


Preliminary and executive design, engineering, prototyping and direction for realization and production of high-value design decor elements, both unique pieces and of industrial production.


Study of the immage for "Corporate Identity" and for the firm's visula comunication. Feasibility studies, preliminary and executive design for the "interior design identity" of stores, offices,  and commercial areas, design of public areas, support for business communication, merchandising and everything that identifies  the product's global communication in relation to business marketing.